The Face Behind POC

20988160_10110378287206093_9064679791013455703_o-1.jpgPascale D. Edouard, MPH earned her Bachelor of Arts in Biological Sciences from Florida State University in 2008, and subsequently obtained her Master of Public Health degree in 2012 from Florida Agriculture and Mechanical University’s Institute of Public Health. Ms. Edouard is currently attending the University of South Florida working toward her Doctorate of Public Health degree.

During her formative years at Florida State University, Pascale was on the path to medical school, but found during her junior year that medical school was not her passion. With a year left to graduate Pascale was not quite sure what she wanted to do in life, but knew that she still had an interest in improving the health of others. Stumbling upon books  like Jonny Steinberg’s Sizwe’s Test: A Young Man’s Journey Through Africa’s AIDS Epidemic and Tracy Kidder’s Mountains Beyond Mountains: The Quest of Dr. Paul Farmer, A Man Who Would Cure the World, Pascale was inadvertently introduced to the field of Public Health.  Her subsequent years at the Florida Agriculture & Mechanical University’s Institute of Public Health further cultivated her interests and skills in public health and she has been on the path to public health greatness since.

Currently employed with a local state government agency, Pascale has extensive  experience in community organizing for the improved health of populations within undeserved communities. She has worked with disenfranchised communities in Tallahassee, Florida and Sarasota, Florida to improve their food environments. Pascale has also presented at national conferences such the National Environmental Health Association’s Annual Educational Conference and Exhibition. In her various roles Ms. Edouard has served as the lead facilitator and coordinator for coalitions addressing improved health outcomes in various communities. Her experiences have cultivated her expertise for collaboratively working with and engaging community members, stakeholders, and organizations in initiatives addressing obesity and associated health complications in food deserts and various sectors such as childcare and workplace settings. Pascale also plays an active role in her church serving as the coordinator for their health ministry.

Pascale is a public health enthusiast who has a passion for advancing public health practice and addressing health inequalities and inequities. People of Color (P.OC.) Health Matters gives voice to a budding public health millennial’s knowledge and views on the current state of health issues within the field of public health especially as it related to health disparities among communities of colors.