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The Black Superwoman Syndrome

The Black Superwoman SyndromeEvery awkward (or maybe most) black girl’s favorite show right now is HBO’s Insecure.  And for those not-so-awkward black girls, BET’s Being Mary Jane, I’m pretty sure is high on the list.  These two TV shows document the lives of two Black female characters as they navigate through their separate life journeys. Though distinct from one another, what makes these two television shows a hit among black female viewers is the ability of the writers, directors, and actresses to capture what it means to be a black woman in America, be it an awkward or not-so-awkward black woman.  The ability of these shows to effectively tell our stories is what draws black women to them. Everything from Mary Jane’s and Issa’s complex relationships with men, the bonds that they share with their sister-friends, or the issues that they face while on their jobs are all issues that black women can relate to. What makes these shows so great and relatable is their cultural appropriateness and creative ability to depict issues that are not so glamorous, among them the strong black superwoman syndrome and mental health among black women.

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